The Eyes of Horace Hollow

A novel by Nancy Hartmann

Release Date: September 16, 2022 


     Told in the style of a folktale, The Eyes of Horace Hollow is a magical realism story with themes of loneliness, prejudice, aging, and time.  

A master craftsman of leaded stained-glass windows, Jasper Yates lives in the small village of Horace Hollow in the mid 19th century. Tired of ridicule due to several birth defects and a stutter, he chooses a life of isolation until he adopts a mangy one-eyed cat.  Jasper names the cat Noir due to his coal-black fur and mysterious golden eye.       

     When Horace Hollow places an exorbitant tax on stained-glass windows, Jasper's home and livelihood are threatened. It is Noir who leads Jasper to a mysterious stranger living deep in the nearby forest. This stranger offers a possible solution, but is the proposition a curse or blessing?  Jasper must discover the truth before time runs out.